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Kumango Style

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   Kumango Style

    Silat Kumango originated from Kumango, a village (we, in Minangkabau call the term of village Nagari) situated in Tanah Datar Regency whose capital city is Batusangkar, in Sumatera Barat, Indonesia. Nagari Kumango is located around 8 (eight) kilometres from Batusangkar. It is composed of characteristically Minangkabau footwork which puts the operator close in on the enemy so that seizure can be followed by striking and/or throwing attacks. Soft, flexible action typifies the Kumango tactics. Kumango fighter can escape from almost any imposed situation of holds, joint-locks, or choking attacks. He uses an evasive "giving in," but immediately redirects the situation to his advantage. Blocking and parrying is directed against the outside of the enemy's arms to turn him against his free arm and limit its counterattack usage.

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